Video Work

Pets and people Brand Story

This is a video I created for my Ad Copy and Layout class for Pets and People. I do not own the song "Heroes Tonight" by Dylan Gardner, and this video is 100% nonprofit.

"Wanderer" by Little Dragon Music Video Contest

The Brief

Little Dragon has commissioned the Social Club community of Grand Theft Auto to create their official music video for "Wanderer". Little Dragon themselves along with Rockstar Games will be reviewing the finalists and deciding who wins. Here's a bit of direction on what they are looking for:

Entrants are challenged to create a music video using the Rockstar Editor telling the story of a rogue - a very clever double-agent or double-crosser who plays two sides of a criminal enterprise to her or his own advantage.

This is my rendition of the creative brief and it was created solely in GTA5 and only edited with the in-game "Rockstar Editor".

My entry for the contest. Enjoy. - View all BauzerLyon's Rockstar Editor videos at - This Rockstar Editor video features music from the album "The Alchemist and Oh No Present: Welcome To Los Santos." Visit to buy on iTunes.